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One of the more time consuming and daunting aspects of business administration is the operation of the company payroll.

This necessary administrative role frequently requires expertise, which is not always available to the entrepreneur and growing business, and often produces confidential information that the owners may not want their staff to know.

A complete payroll bureau service is operated for clients to help relieve them of this burden, so that they can concentrate on those areas of their business in which they are experts.

Weekly, monthly, fortnightly, four weekly pay periods
Detailed employee pay slips provided
Tax, National Insurance, holiday pay, overtime
Statutory Sick pay, Statutory Maternity pay
End of year returns, including P35s, P60s, P14s
Manual or Computerised Accounts (Sage)
Flexible and Confidential Service
Competitive fixed scale pricing structure. 2 fully inclusive per employee per payroll period, subject to a minimum charge of 25 per payroll period. No extra charge for year-end returns.

Helen Kemp F.I.A.B  Registered Bookkeeper
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Telephone:  07801 803291